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Winter Project 2022

Isometric Shoot 'em up (Made in Unreal Engine 5.1)

I created a simple isometric shmup set in a fixed arena to gain more Unreal Engine experience. For this project, I developed a modular ability system in C++ used by the player and enemies, allowing quick development of new and varied actions. I also used this opportunity to work with several systems built into Unreal Engine. 

Using Unreal Engine's Metasounds, concurrency, and attenuation, I implemented sound effects and a music system that randomly selected tracks from a list.

With Unreal Engine's post-procissing tools I created an engaging environment by using dynamic lighting on moving objects. I also used a dynamic material on the player to indicate player health through the glow color.

Winter Project 2022: Video

Ability System

For the ability system, I created a base class that contained functions for the start, update, and end of abilities. Along with this, each action would have a cooldown start after the end of each ability.

​Using Unreal Engine's actor component system, I attached these abilities to actors and bound their start functions to events. For the player, this was inputs and for enemies, this was behavior tree nodes.​

With inheritance, I created a variety of abilities, for instance, weapon abilities adding the functionality of creating projectiles.​

Because of the modular approach I took when building this system for the player I was able to seamlessly add these components to the enemies without needing any changes.

Winter Project 2022: About

Check out the project here or on my page!

Winter Project 2022: Files

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