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Bezier Curve Graphing Calculator

Tool for graphing Bezier Curves (Made with JUCE)

I created this small program to quickly visualize Bezier Curves and export the control point values to a CSV. My motivation for making this tool was to have a streamlined process for creating a curve and then using it in an interpolation system I made for Unreal Engine 5. 

For computing the curve, I used De Casteljau's algorithm with binomial coefficients that are calculated at the start of the program.

Going forward I'd like to add the ability to use Bezier Splines and add the option for computing the Bezier curves with nested linear interpolation.

Bezier Curve Graphing: Welcome

Bezier Curve Graphing Calculator Release Version (v 1.0.0)

The most recent version of the graphing calculator for Windows.

Bezier Curve Graphing: Files

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