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Student Team Game Project

Monster-A-Salt is a third-person, hunting and cooking game that uses bow combat. Players must make their way through a level collecting ingredients that are used to craft dishes that provide upgrades necessary to beat the boss. This project was created using Unreal Engine 4.26.

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Boss Behaviors

For the boss, I created a sequence of boss behaviors following a predefined pattern. The boss had three unique melee, ranged, and AOE attacks. Occasionally random actions were added to the sequence to take the player by surprise. To achieve this, I used Unreal Engine's behavior tree system to lay out the sequence of actions and created custom C++ decorator and task nodes for the different behaviors. I also worked on the animation blueprint of the boss to match behavior timing with the animations.


General Enemy Behaviors

Along with the boss, I also worked on the regular enemies. I designed a patrol route system for these enemies using game objects as waypoints that enemies would move between. The patrol behavior would stop when attacked or the player was seen, being replaced by a combat state. I implemented these enemies using behavior trees and custom C++ nodes.

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