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Spring/Summer Project 2023

Third Person Action Game

Before this project, I had been working with a team on an FPS project in Unreal that exclusively used blueprints, so I wanted to do something that gave me new challenges. I decided to start a third-person project in Unreal Engine 5 focusing on building mechanics in C++. 

At the beginning of this project, I spent time learning a good workflow for Unreal and C++ and then creating basic movement and camera mechanics for a third-person project.

Once the project got more complicated, I began developing a component-based action system for characters I had previously made for a different project. I designed this action system to work for the player and enemies using a manager node to activate and change actions. 

Further into the project, I began using an asset from the Unreal Engine Marketplace for creating procedural worlds at runtime using premade tiles. While this process created unique levels, it created a problem with navigation for enemies. Since I generated levels at runtime, the nav meshes I had previously used didn't work anymore. To solve this problem, I had to figure out how to dynamically generate a nav mesh as the player moved around the level.

Another area I spent much of my time learning during this project was animation blueprints. I took advantage of notify events to simplify syncing gameplay events to animations and used custom notify states to sync animations, gameplay, and UI that happened over an interval.

During this project, I learned a lot about working in Unreal Engine, creating mechanics, and prototyping projects. Alongside this project, I wrote a blog about what I was working on and my thought process going through this project and it's a great way to see the changes that happened along the way.

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