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Alchemist's Grove

Student Team Game Project

Alchemist's Grove is a first-person potion-crafting roguelike. Players navigate a forest infested with wizards, skeletons, bats, and more collecting items that can be used to craft new potions. Through the levels, the player must collect an arsenal of potions to defeat the ogre at the end of the forest. This project was created using Unity.

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Enemy AI

I created two enemies, the skeleton and slime. Both used a finite state machine to control their behaviors using enums to track their current state. Each state has an enter, update, and exit function to create a smooth transition when changing actions.


Skeleton and Slime Behaviors

Both enemies also have unique abilities and attacks to make each feel different. The skeleton uses a sword to slash and stab along with a deflect ability to knock back player attacks. Slimes have a short-range lunge and long-range dive attack, accompanied by the ability to merge with other slimes when low on health.


Animation Programming

For each enemy, I used Unity's animation system to design the transitions between different animations. I built these to be controlled by the state of the enemy and used the enter and exit functions to help make a smooth shift. I used animation notifies for events that needed to by synced with animations.

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